Discover Kimutaku: Part 3

Welcome back to my mini-series, “Discover Kimutaku”! I hope you all had a great Christmas weekend! Can you possibly imagine a better way to start the last week of 2010 than the shocking conclusion of Kimura Takuya’s interview? Well, let’s get rolling.

What are your plans for tomorrow?

The beach, and playing with dirt.

What’s your favorite season?


What is one place you would like to try to live at in the future?

I’m always debating this with myself. Maybe Malibu.

Of all the places you’ve been, which place impressed you the most?

Utah in the United States. Where the Utah family of Native Americans lives.

What is one place that you’ve never been, but want to go to no matter what?

Barcelona, Spain.

What age is your oldest memory of?

Kindergarten, I think.

Do you watch foreign dramas?

I do.

What is your favorite foreign drama?

I love “Dr. House.” *

What part of Yakiniku* do you like the most?

Skirt steak!

What do you often eat when you go out?


What was the first movie you ever saw in a movie theater?

“Space Battleship Yamato” or “Tomorrow’s Joe”. Which one is older? Ah! Yamato? Then it was Yamato!

What is something that, if you lost it, you’d be in serious trouble?

Right now, my cell phone.

What antique clothing do you take the best care of?


How do you decide to buy antique clothing?

If it’s called antique.

How long to you sit in the bath tub usually?

45 minutes!

What part of your body do you wash first when you take a bath?

I start with my head.

On average, how many hours do you sleep each night?

5 to 6 hours.

Are you a morning person? Or a night person?

These days I’m a morning person.

Are you good at waking up?


What do you do first thing when you wake up in the morning?

I gargle.

What is a Kimura-esque power spot?

The ocean.

[skipping one question and answer that I don’t think is interesting and I don’t think any of you guys will care about – it’s about what rout he takes when he drives to work in the morning]

What is something you often do when working on “Smap X Smap”?*

Instead of spending time with the group, I tend to talk to the studio staff.

Of all the characters you’ve played so far, who is the most like yourself?

Kuryuu Kouhei (“HERO”)*

What is something women do that really turns you on?

Something they do… rather than that, it’s more like I love to see a woman who is totally immersed in her work.

Have you failed at anything recently that made you think “Oh shit, I really did it now!”

I cracked a glass that I really loved.

What is your favorite word?


Are you good at drawing portraits?


Do you bring small luggage on trips? Or big luggage?

Small luggage.

Do you do laundry before you go on vacation? Or do you leave it?

Laundry?! … I do it!

What “friend making scene” in “One Piece” do you like the most?


If you could date any female character from “One Piece”, who would it be?

Eh—- I wonder who…

What’s your favorite Science Fiction movie?

“Star Wars”

Until you were 20, what was one thing you thought “I must do”?

I wanted to do a part time job.

How many CD’s do you own?

As many as 200.

What music do you normally listen to in the car?

I listen to Steven Tyler constantly right now; it’s the opening song for “Space Battle Ship Yamato”. But if I’m driving stick shift I don’t listen to music.

What is one thing about yourself that you feel like you can brag about to others?


When was the last time you cried?

Right after the Chilean mining accident. When the miners were saved, they each came out and hugged their families.

And the last time you laughed like an idiot?

When I saw a puppy at the pet shop.

Did you believe in Santa Clause as a kid?

I did.

Until when?

Until first grade probably.

What do you want this Christmas?

Well, my birthday comes before Christmas you know. But if I was going to get something from Santa, I guess I’d want a Goro’s Accessory. Not Goro-Chan the SMAP member of course. I’m talking about Goro’s in Harajuku*.

If you were Santa what would you give to Moriyuki as a present?

Shampoo and treatment.

Please teach us how to motivate ourselves like you.

Um…. Watch movies!

If you were a director, what kind of theme or genre would you like to shoot?

Before I talk about what kind of “theme or genre”, the question of “if I was a director” is really loaded. Being a director is a very difficult job. If the timing was ever right, I think I’d like to try directing.

Who do you consider to be your hero at this point in life?

Akashiya Sanma-san.

Is there something you do regularly to take care of your health?

I gargle. And I wash my hands.

And that concludes the “Men’s Non-No” Kimura Takuya interview! I hope you enjoyed reading! Stay tuned for my discussion session in “Discover Kimutaku: Epilogue”!


*He means “House M.D.”

*grilled meat, often cooked by customers at a table in a restaurant over coals

*Kimura Takuya’s boy band is called “Smap”, and their weekly variety television show is called “Smap X Smap”

*Kuryuu Kouhei, if you haven’t seen the drama, is a lovable, goofy and relentlessly passionate and determined prosecutor who will stop at nothing to find the truth in every case he takes on, no matter how small – be it a panty thief or a murderer. I love that drama. I highly recommend you watch it if you like Kimura Takuya. I’ve seen it twice and I could watch it a third time without being bored.

*Kokorozashi = will, intention or motive. This seems fitting, if you know anything about the characters he tends to play.

*Harajuku is a street in Tokyo that is pretty much all clothing stores, and it’s really edgy. Not like classy clothing, almost like exclusively goth or biker clothing. At least that’s what it was like when I went there.

[Interview and Pictures from “Men’s Non-No” Magazine]


Discover Kimutaku: Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our “Discover Kimutaku” series! Let’s continue the Kimutaku Interview!


Women’s fashion: What do you like more, mini-skirt or shorts?

You say “mini-skirt”, but is it tight? If it’s flared it’s totally different. Which do I like? You should know even without me saying. (haha)

If you were going to take care of a new pet, what kind would you want?

A dog. It isn’t a member of our family just yet — it’s still in the pet shop– but I already decided what name I’d give him if he came to came to our home: Gorgo.

What kinds of things do you always have in your pockets?

I don’t put things in my pockets.

What was something that you ate recently and thought “Delicious?”


If you weren’t a member of SMAP and you never became an actor, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

I’d work or own at a second hand clothing shop.

What kind of people do you dislike?

People who look you in the eyes and don’t talk*

What kind of cuisine are you particularly skilled at cooking?

If it’s pasta, I can do anything.

And what are you bad at cooking?

I have very little experience judging the quality of fish, so I really can’t say I’m good at it.

Do you like sunny side up eggs? Or are you the over-easy type?

Sunny side up of course!

Can you teach us the secret to having a great smile?

I don’t know if my smile is great or not, but I think rather than smiling alone, it’s important to smile with everyone around you.

Why are you always so cool? What’s your secret?

I wonder… isn’t it because I’m usually smiling?

Do you have any rules for yourself like “I must not ever do X?”

Being late.

You have a pretty nice body, but what kind of training do you do?

Balance ball.

About how many hats do you own?

As many as 30.

What kind of hats do you like?

I like Borsalino, but I also like Ten-Gallon hats.

Well then, what hats are you currently rotating through heavily?

Kijima-san just ordered a hat for me called Couer, and it’s like a product of a marriage between Borsalino and Ten-Gallon. I like that one the most.

What is something that you are so passionate about that you lose track of time?


What style would you like to try as a challenge?

I’d like to try to wear a suit regularly — unless there’s some kind of event, I don’t really have the opportunity to wear one.

What do you do with clothes that you don’t wear anymore?

I give them to family members.

How do you decide on hair styles?

They have to match my work.

If you think “If only I had X, please Doraemon!”, what would you ask for?

The anywhere door.*

At present, what horrible accident has made you bleed the most in your entire life?

I haven’t really bled that much. My nose hasn’t even really bled that much. Oh, one time I split my head open while filming.

What actors do you really respect?

There are so many, I can’t name any off the top of my head.

Do you have any skills that you think should be in the Guinness Book of World Records?

I’m not really interested in the Guinness Book of World Records, but I can spot cute girls faster than anyone, and I can spot more than anyone. I wonder, can we call this a skill?

What is your favorite food?

Medium fatty tuna and nattou*

What is something that you absolutely cannot eat?

Oysters. After eating a lot of them one time, I haven’t been able to eat them since.

What do you eat the most in one year?

Kimchi Nattou.

So, what should we do to become cool like you, Kimura-San?

Eat lots of Nattou.



That’s it for today’s portion of the Interview! Come back for the last part of the interview, and then we’ll analyze the big picture!

[interview and pictures by “Men’s Non-No Magazine”]

*Shabu-Shabu is Japanese meat fondue, cooked in water or oil.

*Doraemon is an old Japanese cartoon, and the “anywhere door” can teleport you anywhere.

*For those of you who don’t know, “nattou” is fermented soy beans. Japanese people think it’s super healthy, and it probably is, but it smells so bad and it’s so sticky that I have yet to muster up the courage to try it. One day I will though.

Discover Kimutaku: Part 1

I recently went to Mitsuwa (the Japanese supermarket / bookstore) here in Chicago and bought a copy of this month’s “Men’s Non-No” fashion magazine per Choko-Choko’s recommendation (Choko-Choko is another great Japanese blog, there’s a link to it in my blog roll, I suggest you read it if you’re interested in Japanese). I could give a review of the magazine, but that’s not really what I’m here to write about at the moment. What am I going to write about?


Also known as Kimura Takuya for those of you who prefer real names (I’ve heard he doesn’t like the nickname “Kimutaku” anyway).

The very first article in the magazine is an interview with Kimura Takuya about his personal habits and fashion tendencies, and if you’re anything like me, then you’re super excited right now. Why is Kimura Takuya as cool as he is? What is he like outside of his dramas and variety shows? How many pairs of pants does Kimutaku own??

Get ready to find out. I’m going to interpret it here for you right now as the first part of my new series of posts called “Discover Kimutaku!”, in which I’ll also examine some of his best characters, fashion and ultimately draw some conclusions about his “cool factor”.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official translation; it is only my unofficial and unprofessional interpretation of Japanese in English.

I will do my best to keep the interpretation close to the original intended meaning, but if I’m off, well, that’s what happens when you translate. Sometimes things get messed up. Please keep in mind that if my translation is mistaken, it does not represent Kimura Takuya’s real views.

Here we go! Enjoy:


How many pairs of shoes do you own?

As many as forty.

Are they mostly sneakers? Boots? Flats?


Do you wear Cologne?

If the situation calls for it.

How are your golf skills?

Pretty good.

What are some of your hobbies besides surfing?

Photography, things like clothes and cars. Also playing with dirt.

You mean gardening?

Naah, it’s really more like playing with dirt.

What was the first record you ever bought?

“Oyoge! Taiyaki-Kun”

What was the first clothing you ever bought for yourself?

An Adidas jersey.

What is your most treasured item?

My Levy’s 501.

What’s your favorite style?

A T-Shirt, Jeans and Flannel Shirt.

What kind of accessories do you often wear?

I guess my ring. And a bracelet.

What places do you like in Tokyo?

Yoyogi Park.

In what areas do you tend to go shopping?

Daikanyama and Omotesandou.

What is something you will absolutely never give up on?

Basically, I’m the type who never gives up on anything.

Are you the kind of person who usually shows up early for an appointment? Or do you show up late?

I go early. I am never, ever late.

What is one custom that you practice every single day no matter what?

300 situps.

What do you do when you want to change your mood?

I drink something.

What part of your body do you like the most?

Umm… the part of my left shoulder where the bone is sticking out a little.

How many pairs of Jeans do you own?

As many as 30.

Among those, which is the oldest?

Hmm. They’re not preserved so I don’t really know.

How many T-Shirts do you own?

About 200.

Among those, which is the oldest?

The oldest I’ve probably been wearing for about 17 or 18 years.

About how many T-Shirts do you buy in one year?

I really don’t buy T-Shirts.

Ok then, what fashion item do you buy the most in one year?




Hope you enjoyed the first part of this Kimutaku interview.

[Interview and Photos from “Men’s Non-No Magazine”]








ギャル男と言うスタイルの特徴は、名前通り、女性のように見られるためにアピアレンスを変わることです。それはどうやって出来るか聞けば、簡単なことではなく、結構特技がかかるそうである。まずは長い髪の毛が必要で、多くの男性は髪に色(例えば茶色や黄色など)を入れ、アイロンでまっすぐにさせる。例えば、「MEN’S KNUCKLE」という人気のギャル男雑誌を見てみればよい。一面に収まりきらないほどたくさんギャル男のモデルが集まり、女性らしくポーズをしている。

I made this picture myself using Photoshop, and clippings from "Men's Knuckle"